Q: Is there parking at your store?

A: Unfortunately we do not have any parking spaces back by our shop but there is parking on Canyon Road

Q: I have vintage clothing to sell would Desert Moss be interested in buying it?

A: Yes and no. We are always happy to check out items if they are in good condition and older than 15 years old. Send us some pictures including details (tags/labels, dates, damage, fabric content, etc). For us to make a profit we cannot buy items at a premium. In some instances we are happy to accommodate a trade. 

Q: What is considered vintage?

A: Vintage is technically 20 years old or older (100 years or older is considered antique). We will sell some items that are not vintage but we will state that in the listing

Q: Do you act as buyers/personal shoppers? 

A: Kind of. If there is something in specific you are looking for and you cannot find it please contact us and we will try to hunt it down for you.

Q: Do you do trades with “influencers” for hype or free advertising? 

A: No. Never. If you are an actual celebrity please have your agent contact us.

Q: Do you offer tracking with every purchase? 

A: Yes. We ship via USPS and you can track your item once it is en route. Tracking numbers for international orders might not be as detailed but they will show when your item is in the destination country

Q: Do you offer discounts or coupon codes? 

A: Yes we do! Please follow our Facebook or Instagram account for updates on our next sale or discount days! 

Q: Do you offer returns or exchanges?

A: Please review our entire policy section

Q: Do you hold items?:

A: We will hold an item for 48 hours without a deposit. If buyer would like an item held longer than 48 hours we require a deposit of at least 20% of the item’s price. Deposit is non-refundable and goes toward the purchase of the item. 

We do offer “layaway”. Please contact us if you have questions. 

Q: Are your vintage pieces authentic or reproductions? 

A: We NEVER sell reproductions. Never. We only sell authentic vintage items. No fakes.

Q: How do I pay?

A: We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal.

Q: Do you wash your items before you shoot them or ship them?

A: We generally do not wash or treat clothes with stain remover. The reason is because we don’t know who has allergies to detergents. We don’t want to send your cool vintage item(s) with a potential rash. 

Q: What are your covid safe practices and do I need to wear a mask?

A: We will have windows open for ventilation, weather permitting. Both Esteban and Megan are fully vaccinated and boosted and we are more than happy to wear high-quality masks on request but customers are not required unless the law is updated.